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Public Tenders
Tender No Tender Title Due Date
16000013-HD-12090 PIDS for MDS-NIPS Section 02-Sep-2016 12:00
16000066-HD-10157 RETAIL AUTOMATION PHASE VIII 02-Sep-2016 14:00
16000032-HD-11350 SUPPLY MFM-VASHI/INDORE 02-Sep-2016 15:00
16000024-HD-11120 Civil work-Railway siding 06-Sep-2016 14:30
16000095-HD-10157 BULK POL TRANSPORATIONSANGRUR 06-Sep-2016 14:30
16000051-HD-12605 ShiftingBullets Patna N Purnea 06-Sep-2016 15:00
16000103-HD-46009 Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump Packag 06-Sep-2016 15:00
16000066-HD-12001 3X300 MSV WORKS KARIMNAGAR 06-Sep-2016 15:00
16000065-HD-12001 SHEDS & ROADS WORKS@KARIMNAGAR 06-Sep-2016 15:00
16000098-HD-10002 NCZ Office interior works 07-Sep-2016 15:00
16000099-HD-10002 EIA,RA,EC from MOEF 07-Sep-2016 15:00
16000021-HD-11750 Bulk TPT Ex - Karur 08-Sep-2016 11:00
16000074-HD-10157 Supply of Cartons 08-Sep-2016 11:30
16000019-HD-12600 Supply of Tamper Evident Seals 08-Sep-2016 15:00
16000062-HD-14001 Tank Gauge Sup,Inst,com-Silvsa 08-Sep-2016 15:00
16000068-HD-14001 D&M Pail Filling Line-Mazgaon 08-Sep-2016 15:00
16000069-HD-14001 D,M PAIL filling line-Silvassa 08-Sep-2016 15:00
16000055-HD-12001 SUPPLY OF SIL3 CERTFD VALVES 09-Sep-2016 15:00
16000108-HD-10002 STUDY ON BIOMASS ASSESSMENT 09-Sep-2016 15:00
16000014-HD-12100 PACKED LPG TRANSPORTATION 12-Sep-2016 15:00
16000087-HD-12001 Laying of Pipeline for UCSPL 12-Sep-2016 15:00
16000077-HD-12001 F/w line works at Panagarh 12-Sep-2016 15:00
16000078-HD-12001 PLANT SHEDS @ GORAKHPUR 12-Sep-2016 15:00
16000085-HD-12001 Carousel replacement Project 12-Sep-2016 15:00
16000025-HD-11120 1200 LPM Utkrisht at Amousi 13-Sep-2016 14:30
16000110-HD-10002 TANK INSPECTION 13-Sep-2016 15:00
16000004-HD-11982 VDPL Pipeline Project survey 13-Sep-2016 16:30
16000011-HD-12370 PKD TRANSPORTATION EX AJMER 14-Sep-2016 11:00
16000088-HD-12001 Non plant building Panagarh 14-Sep-2016 15:00
16000090-HD-12001 Consultancy serv for Haldia 14-Sep-2016 15:00
16000106-HD-10157 Procurement of 5 kg cyls 14-Sep-2016 15:00
16000279-HD-48002 Zonal Rate Contract: For carry 15-Sep-2016 13:30
16000047-HD-11770 Road asphalting works:SCZ loc 15-Sep-2016 15:00
16000063-HD-11770 PIPING FOR PMHBL HOOKUP 15-Sep-2016 15:00
16000010-HD-12600 BOTTLING ASSISTANCE-AURANGABAD 19-Sep-2016 11:00
16000008-HD-12600 Bottling Assistance Burdwan 19-Sep-2016 14:00
16000011-HD-12600 BOTTLING ASSISTANCE-BHAGALPUR 19-Sep-2016 16:00
16000109-HD-10157 8.5 L PPCP Pails HTL/IML 20-Sep-2016 11:00
16000014-HD-12600 Bottling Assistance at Balasor 20-Sep-2016 11:00
16000562-HD-46002 Oily Sludge Processing at VR 20-Sep-2016 11:00
16000111-HD-10157 20G, 210L MS BARRELS FOR LUBE 20-Sep-2016 11:30
16000015-HD-12600 Bottling Assistance @ Bokaro 20-Sep-2016 14:00
16000013-HD-12600 Bottling Assist. at Jharsuguda 20-Sep-2016 16:00
16000016-HD-12600 Bottling Assistance at Koraput 21-Sep-2016 11:00
16000009-HD-12600 Bottling Assistance Raninagar 21-Sep-2016 14:00
16000012-HD-12600 Bottling Assistance Jorabat AS 21-Sep-2016 16:00
16000098-HD-10157 Supply-Suction type DUs 23-Sep-2016 14:00
16000099-HD-10157 Supply_Pressure type DU 23-Sep-2016 14:00
16000004-HD-12100 BOTTLING ASSISTANCE-FAIZABAD 30-Sep-2016 11:00
16000005-HD-12100 BOTTLING ASSISTANCE-VARANASI 30-Sep-2016 11:30
16000006-HD-12100 BOTTLING ASSISTANCE-MIRZAPUR 30-Sep-2016 14:30
16000007-HD-12100 BOTTLING ASSISTANCE-JHANSI 30-Sep-2016 15:00
16000057-HD-10157 Additional TTs @Miraj IRD 24-Oct-2016 14:30