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All our vendor partners are required to comply with the E-way Bill provisions of GST effective 1st February 2018 for supplies to HPCL.

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Public Tenders
Tender No Tender Title Due Date
17000711-HD-10157 SS Tank - Bulk Tpt-Silvassa 27-Mar-2018 12:00
17000707-HD-10157 PACKED TRANSPORTATION PALGHAT 27-Mar-2018 14:30
17000275-HD-10002 TAS works for Irumapanam Ph-2 27-Mar-2018 15:00
17000278-HC-10002 PQ LSTK BATHINDA BIOREFINERY 27-Mar-2018 15:00
17000710-HD-10157 ELECTRICAL WORKS-WARANGAL 27-Mar-2018 15:00
17000708-HD-10157 VSAT CONNECTIVITY ON RENTAL MO 28-Mar-2018 15:00
17000719-HD-10157 BULK MS HSD ROAD TPTN VASHI 30-Mar-2018 12:00
17000163-HD-11770 TANK WAGON AUTOMATION AT VNWOT 30-Mar-2018 15:00
17000658-HD-10157 GREASE SUPPLY TO HPCL LOCATION 30-Mar-2018 15:00
17000192-HD-11986 Rennovation of Interiors@VDS 31-Mar-2018 15:30
17000706-HD-10157 Tptn of Pkd Lubes ex-Mumbai 02-Apr-2018 12:00
17000131-HD-10129 Supply API 5l Gr.X-65 LinePipe 02-Apr-2018 16:00
17000137-HD-10129 FIRE PUMPS VD TML(MR 5070) 02-Apr-2018 16:00
17000688-HD-10157 SUPPLY OF 182KG OPEN TOP DRUMS 03-Apr-2018 11:00
17000055-HD-11994 TelecomSystemForIPS1,IPS2&IPS3 03-Apr-2018 15:00
17000124-HD-11600 VEHICLE HIRING AT JDSRO 03-Apr-2018 15:00
17000676-HD-10157 EPMC SER FOR BARHI & RAYAGADA 03-Apr-2018 15:00
17000141-HD-10129 HV PACKAGE (MR No. 0600) 03-Apr-2018 16:00
17000261-HD-10002 Electronic T/T Locking System 05-Apr-2018 15:00
17000029-HD-14001 O/S of FINIT Supplies 05-Apr-2018 15:00
17000727-HD-10157 High Masts-WZ/NCZ/SZ/SCZ/EZ 05-Apr-2018 15:00
17000731-HD-10157 Sup & Instn. of RVI - NCZ 05-Apr-2018 15:00
17001025-HD-46002 High oily sludge processing 06-Apr-2018 11:00
17000732-HD-10157 Sup & Inst of RVI-EZ & SZ 06-Apr-2018 15:00
17000139-HD-10129 TELECOM MR 2470 06-Apr-2018 16:00
17000144-HD-10129 VRU VD TML MR No. 4050 A 06-Apr-2018 16:00
17000736-HD-10157 Sup & Inst of RVI - NZ & NWZ 09-Apr-2018 15:00
17000737-HD-10157 CANOPY NZ 09-Apr-2018 15:00
17000151-HD-10129 DFR Industry Pipelines 09-Apr-2018 16:00
17000740-HD-10157 Sup&Inst. High Masts-NZ/NWZ 11-Apr-2018 15:00
17000741-HD-10157 MSV AT UNNAO 11-Apr-2018 15:00
17000148-HD-10129 Mech. Work VD TML 12-Apr-2018 16:00
17000281-HD-10002 TAS at Leh IRD 13-Apr-2018 15:00
17000744-HD-10157 Sup & Inst.of RVI - SCZ 16-Apr-2018 15:00
17000297-HD-46009 Rectification of Tank 209B 17-Apr-2018 15:00
17000152-HD-10129 Procurement of Plug Valve 3009 18-Apr-2018 16:00
17000283-HD-10002 INTERNAL PIPING WORKS 20-Apr-2018 15:00
17000704-HD-10157 PAIL FILLING LINE 04-May-2018 14:00
17000721-HD-10157 PACKED BITUMEN COD AT MUZ 11-May-2018 12:00
17000722-HD-10157 PACKED BITUMEN COD AT BGP 11-May-2018 12:00
17000723-HD-10157 PACKED BITUMEN COD AT GAYA 11-May-2018 12:00
17000724-HD-10157 PACKED BITUMEN COD AT FATUHA 11-May-2018 12:00
Vendors having 8 digit code are requested to kindly submit PAN Card copy to Vendor Management Officers(for updating our records), in case same is not yet submitted . Please Login for more details.