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Public Tenders
Tender No Tender Title Due Date
17000004-HD-11994 Supply of Ball valves 29-May-2017 15:00
17000012-HD-11100 BULK W/OIL TT TRANSPORTAION 29-May-2017 15:00
17000058-HD-10157 Supply of Plates 30-May-2017 15:00
17000035-HD-10157 INSTRUMENTATION & ELECTRICAL 31-May-2017 14:00
17000001-HD-14001 TENDER: GHAZIABAD WAREHOUSE 31-May-2017 15:00
17000003-HD-11994 Subsea Pipeline Laying 31-May-2017 15:00
17000003-HD-14001 CHANDIGARH LUBE COD 31-May-2017 15:00
17000052-HD-10157 SUP & INST OF SIGN BOARDS 01-Jun-2017 15:00
17000068-HD-10157 Supply & Installation of RVI 01-Jun-2017 15:00
17000063-HD-10157 CONST OF LPG CYL. STORAGE SHED 02-Jun-2017 15:00
17000050-HD-10157 CANOPY NZ 05-Jun-2017 15:00
17000016-HD-11770 SOR CIVIL WORKS 06-Jun-2017 15:00
17000064-HD-10157 Procurement of SC Valves 06-Jun-2017 15:00
17000016-HD-11100 Transportation of ATF 07-Jun-2017 15:00
17000052-HD-10002 PRODUCT & FIRE PIPE @ LEH DEPO 08-Jun-2017 15:00
17000019-HD-11100 Sup_Security locks@NZ locns 09-Jun-2017 15:00
17000054-HD-10002 PEB BUILDINGS @ LEH 09-Jun-2017 15:00
17000049-HD-10157 S&I of Pylons with CAMC- NCZ 09-Jun-2017 15:00
17000047-HD-46009 Shifting Gypsum West of ATP 09-Jun-2017 15:00
17000046-HD-46009 Proj & Chem WH Racking - VRMP 09-Jun-2017 15:00
17000084-HD-10157 RPO transportation from Mahul 13-Jun-2017 12:00
17000085-HD-10157 Transportation of Bulk Bitumen 13-Jun-2017 12:00
17000086-HD-10157 Packed Bitumen Transportation 13-Jun-2017 12:00
17000168-HD-46002 TA 2017: Mechanical Jobs-CDU-I 15-Jun-2017 14:00
17000048-HD-46009 73-R-03 catalyst procurement 15-Jun-2017 15:00
17000065-HD-10002 Architect Services for HB 16-Jun-2017 15:00
17000021-HD-10129 Supply of Pumps-RBPLCEP 19-Jun-2017 16:00
17000042-HD-10157 CHAIN CONVEYOR SYS-MULTIPLE LO 20-Jun-2017 15:00
17000001-HD-10156 Solar Power Plant at Salawas 20-Jun-2017 15:00
17000061-HD-10002 OFC Based PIDS-RBPL,RBhPL&MDPL 21-Jun-2017 15:00
17000062-HD-10002 SRV SKID AT PRPS & ARPS 22-Jun-2017 15:00
Vendors having 8 digit code are requested to kindly submit PAN Card copy to Vendor Management Officers(for updating our records), in case same is not yet submitted . Please Login for more details.