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Public Tenders
Tender No Tender Title Due Date
16000034-HD-12100 PACKED LPG TPT FOR LEH&KARGIL 19-Jan-2017 14:30
16000203-HD-10157 Sup. & Inst.of Pylons- SCZ 19-Jan-2017 15:00
16000288-HD-46009 Ref WH Racking system -VRMP 19-Jan-2017 15:00
16000008-HD-11994 SupplyLinePipe+3LPE+CWC 23-Jan-2017 16:00
16000033-HD-12100 PKD LPG TRPT EX-BHAGWANPURA 24-Jan-2017 14:30
16000110-HD-10003 Cafeferia Arrangement-Mgt&N-Mg 24-Jan-2017 15:00
16000195-HD-10157 210 LT 20G Lube Drums 25-Jan-2017 11:00
16000127-HD-11986 Security Surveillance-VVSPL 25-Jan-2017 16:30
16001118-HD-48002 PUBLIC/OPEN TENDER FOR UNIT PA 27-Jan-2017 13:30
16000206-HD-10157 FMS SERVICES NZ/NCZ 2017-2020 27-Jan-2017 14:00
16000016-HD-12370 PKD LPG TRANSPORTATION-BHOPAL 27-Jan-2017 15:00
16000121-HD-10155 COMBICAT SYNTHESIS UNIT 27-Jan-2017 15:00
16000122-HD-10155 Metal Deactivation Unit 27-Jan-2017 15:00
16000123-HD-10155 HOT SLURRY BBL COL PILOT PLANT 27-Jan-2017 15:00
16000222-HD-48009 DRYA Implementation at MR 30-Jan-2017 13:30
16000017-HD-12370 PACKED TRANSPORTATION - HAZIRA 31-Jan-2017 11:00
16000109-HD-11770 Safety Equipment Maint_NWOT 31-Jan-2017 15:00
16000138-HD-11577 Technical Manpower Services 01-Feb-2017 15:00
16000213-HD-10157 Medium Routers- HPCL Locations 03-Feb-2017 14:00
16000196-HD-10002 IP Survey--MDPL (AIPS-BRS) 03-Feb-2017 15:00
16000302-HD-46009 Electrification Works at WP cl 03-Feb-2017 15:00
16000040-HD-12350 PACKED LPG TPT CHAKAN PLANT 07-Feb-2017 13:00
16000008-HD-12750 PACKED LPGTRANSPORTATION - GPD 08-Feb-2017 12:00
16000212-HD-10157 Proc of 450 KG LPG Cylinders 08-Feb-2017 15:00
16000035-HD-12600 PACKED LPG TPT PURNEA 09-Feb-2017 11:00
16000032-HD-12600 PKD. TPT. EX-SIPL, MUZAFFARPUR 09-Feb-2017 15:00
16000033-HD-12600 PACKED LPG TPT PATNA 10-Feb-2017 11:00
16000034-HD-12600 PACKED LPG TPT BARAUNI 10-Feb-2017 15:00
16000117-HD-10003 SIEM Solution HPCL ISC & PH 10-Feb-2017 15:00
16000037-HD-10129 P/L Laying PVPL - II 17-Feb-2017 16:00
Vendors having 8 digit code are requested to kindly submit PAN Card copy to Vendor Management Officers(for updating our records), in case same is not yet submitted . Please Login for more details.