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Public Tenders
Tender No Tender Title Due Date
16000141-HD-10157 MPLS - HPCL LOCATIONS 08-Dec-2016 14:00
16000086-HD-14001 CHANDIGARH LUBE COD 13-Dec-2016 15:00
16000093-HD-14001 Lube COD Opns at Nagpur 13-Dec-2016 15:00
16000094-HD-14001 Lube COD-Guwahati 13-Dec-2016 15:00
16000085-HD-14001 TENDER: GHAZIABAD WAREHOUSE 13-Dec-2016 15:00
16000105-HD-14001 TATANAGAR LUBE DEPOT OPERATOR 13-Dec-2016 15:00
16000117-HD-14001 Massflowmeter Supply - Mazgaon 13-Dec-2016 15:00
16000162-HD-10157 Retro Reflective High Masts 14-Dec-2016 15:00
16000169-HD-10157 Pylons with CAMC 14-Dec-2016 15:00
16000173-HD-10157 Supply of Steel Plates 14-Dec-2016 15:00
16000128-HD-48009 DRYA implemenation at MR 15-Dec-2016 13:30
16000162-HD-10002 TAS-Hubli,Hazira,Miraj&sholapu 15-Dec-2016 15:00
16000168-HD-10157 RVI with CAMC 15-Dec-2016 15:00
16000015-HD-12370 Supply of Tamper Evident Seals 16-Dec-2016 11:00
16000804-HD-46002 Procurement of Floating Hoses 16-Dec-2016 14:00
16000216-HD-46009 OTS for Operations Units at VR 16-Dec-2016 15:00
16000236-HD-46009 Repair & Conv of Tk -120-T-01F 16-Dec-2016 15:00
16000022-HD-11001 Empanelment of ACM Vendors 19-Dec-2016 15:00
16000133-HD-11100 BULK POL TRANSPORTATION REWARI 19-Dec-2016 15:00
16000133-HD-10157 FO/LDO TRANSPORTATION CONTRACT 20-Dec-2016 14:30
16000174-HD-10157 TT TPT MUMBAI-VASCO FO& HFHSD 22-Dec-2016 14:30
16000175-HD-10157 MARINE INNER ANCHOR -LOG 22-Dec-2016 14:30
16000027-HD-10129 Supply of line pipe-PVPL 22-Dec-2016 16:00
16000911-HD-46002 O&M of ISPRL facility 23-Dec-2016 11:00
16000168-HD-10002 Supply of Drag Reducer Additiv 23-Dec-2016 15:00
16000032-HD-12350 ALPG Transportation Mah 2016 26-Dec-2016 13:00
Vendors having 8 digit code are requested to kindly submit PAN Card copy to Vendor Management Officers(for updating our records), in case same is not yet submitted . Please Login for more details.