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Public Tenders
Tender No Tender Title Due Date
17000042-HD-11994 Supply of MV Switch gear 22-Jan-2018 15:00
17000022-HD-11119 SUP& INST_SOLAR LIGHT @SHRVSTI 22-Jan-2018 15:00
17000218-HD-10002 SPLY,INSTL&COMM OF PIDS SYSTEM 22-Jan-2018 15:00
17000646-HD-10157 BULK MS HSD ROAD TPTN PALANPUR 23-Jan-2018 12:00
17000513-HD-10157 RETAIL AUTOMATION -PHASE X 23-Jan-2018 14:00
17000042-HD-12090 PIDS-NIPS-HIPS-YRS-MRS 23-Jan-2018 15:00
17000527-HD-10157 LiOH supply at Mazgaon,Silvasa 23-Jan-2018 15:00
17000111-HD-10129 DIBV PLUG VALVES (MR 9110) 23-Jan-2018 16:00
17001041-HD-48002 Zonal Rate Contract: FR Units 24-Jan-2018 14:00
17001042-HD-48002 Zonal Rate Contract: LR Units 24-Jan-2018 14:00
17000038-HD-12620 Hot Repair of Cylinder@CHP 24-Jan-2018 16:00
17000914-HD-46002 Rate contract for Hydrogen Per 25-Jan-2018 11:00
17000553-HD-10157 BULK POL TPTN AKOLA 12-<18 KL 25-Jan-2018 12:00
17000625-HD-10157 BULK MS HSD ROAD TPTN VASHI 25-Jan-2018 12:00
17000648-HD-10157 Supplementary Tender-Akola 25-Jan-2018 12:00
17000617-HD-10157 LR : Annual Rate Contract for 25-Jan-2018 13:30
17000638-HD-10157 SUPPLY OF LED FIXTUES TO REGIO 25-Jan-2018 14:00
17000545-HD-10157 LED FOR HIGH MAST AT LPG PLANT 25-Jan-2018 15:00
17000027-HD-12100 ADDIT PACKED LPG TPT HSP PLANT 25-Jan-2018 15:00
17000605-HD-10157 Cars ED's & GM's Monthly Basis 25-Jan-2018 15:00
17000633-HD-10157 POL TPTN BENGALURU 30-Jan-2018 11:00
17000023-HD-12600 BOUNDARY WALL AT BARHI 30-Jan-2018 15:00
17000101-HD-11600 CONSTN HOSTEL BLDG TRIPURA 30-Jan-2018 15:00
17000636-HD-10157 BOUNDARY WALL AT RAYAGADA 30-Jan-2018 15:00
17000234-HD-10002 PL Integrity Mgmt Software 31-Jan-2018 15:00
17000116-HD-10129 Supply of high mast at Vadodar 31-Jan-2018 16:00
17000621-HD-10157 STAGE 1B VRS AT RETAIL OUTLETS 01-Feb-2018 14:00
17000550-HD-10157 NFCCU : Rate contract for supp 02-Feb-2018 13:30
17000622-HD-10157 Supply of MPD 4P8N4D 02-Feb-2018 14:00
17000549-HD-10157 FLP LED LIGHTS AT LPG PLANTS 02-Feb-2018 15:00
17000236-HD-46009 Desalter Internals for 42-V-10 05-Feb-2018 15:00
17001081-HD-48002 Supply of electric power under 07-Feb-2018 13:30
17000643-HD-10157 PROC OF 425 KG LPG CYLINDERS 07-Feb-2018 15:00
17000248-HD-10002 SUPPLY OF ROSOV - MEERUT 08-Feb-2018 15:00
17000250-HD-10002 TANK WAGON DECANTING PIPING 08-Feb-2018 15:00
17000249-HD-10002 SUPPLY OF DBBV - MEERUT 09-Feb-2018 15:00
17000169-HD-11986 Supply of CI at VVSPL 09-Feb-2018 15:30
17001043-HD-48002 Contract for Manpower Services 12-Feb-2018 13:30
17000664-HD-10157 FMC Contract 12-Feb-2018 15:00
17001077-HD-48002 NPCB 2017-18 : Supply, Install 16-Feb-2018 13:30
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