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Public Tenders
Tender No Tender Title Due Date
16000072-HD-10157 Procurement 475 MT of NMP for 27-Jul-2016 13:30
16000036-HD-12001 CIVIL WORKS @ PURNEA 27-Jul-2016 15:00
16000041-HD-12001 PLANT SHEDS @ PURNEA 27-Jul-2016 15:00
16000042-HD-12001 PLANT SHEDS @ JAMSHEDPUR 27-Jul-2016 15:00
16000045-HD-12001 SHED WORKS @ UNNAO 27-Jul-2016 15:00
16000305-HD-46002 Intelligent Pigging of 48" Sub 29-Jul-2016 11:00
16000075-HD-10157 TPT OF BULK LUBE OIL EX MUM 29-Jul-2016 13:00
16000078-HD-10157 250ml,500ml,5L HDPE containers 02-Aug-2016 11:00
16000101-HD-11370 CIVIL SOR RAJKOT REGION 02-Aug-2016 15:30
16000103-HD-11370 AG Tanks & Pipelines Painting 02-Aug-2016 15:30
16000102-HD-11370 CIVIL SOR-UDAIPUR RRO 03-Aug-2016 15:30
16000093-HD-46009 TANK CONV TO VGO & ALLIED WORK 04-Aug-2016 15:00
16000417-HD-46002 Cent.OilMistLubrication System 05-Aug-2016 11:00
16000077-HD-10157 Rate contract for Liquid Nitro 05-Aug-2016 13:30
16000002-HD-12750 MANGALORE PKD TRNSP-ADDITIONAL 05-Aug-2016 15:00
16000015-HD-12001 LPG Pipeline laying (VRMP) 05-Aug-2016 15:00
16000066-HD-10002 In Line Insp_Mundra Jetty Line 05-Aug-2016 15:00
16000001-HD-11982 EPCM Services-OSTT-SS Jetty 05-Aug-2016 16:30
16000017-HD-12350 PKD TRNPRTN ex- GOA LPGPLANT 09-Aug-2016 13:00
16000082-HD-10157 BLACK OIL TPT EX HALDIA 09-Aug-2016 14:30
16000083-HD-48009 FAB/ INSTALL SEUII FURNACES 10-Aug-2016 13:30
16000066-HD-10157 RETAIL AUTOMATION PHASE VIII 10-Aug-2016 14:00
16000013-HD-12090 PIDS for MDS-NIPS Section 10-Aug-2016 16:30
16000079-HD-10157 Supply of 210 ltr MS Barrels 11-Aug-2016 11:30
16000075-HD-11100 CIVIL SOR - GURGAON RETAIL RO 11-Aug-2016 15:00
16000103-HD-46009 Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump Packag 11-Aug-2016 15:00
16000004-HD-12600 PACKED LPG TPT JAMSHEDPUR 12-Aug-2016 11:00
16000080-HD-10002 TAS for LDO&FO@Mathura 12-Aug-2016 15:00
16000081-HD-10002 ARC & ENG CONS SE HPNW PROJECT 12-Aug-2016 15:00
16000076-HD-10157 PROC. OF STPs _0.75 & 1.5 HP 16-Aug-2016 14:00
16000086-HD-10157 Bitumen Vessel Loading 16-Aug-2016 14:00
16000083-HD-10157 MARINE INNER/OUTER ANCHOR -LOG 16-Aug-2016 14:30
16000009-HD-12100 PACKED LPG TRANSPORTATION 16-Aug-2016 15:00
16000012-HD-11001 Solar on OPEX 17-Aug-2016 16:00
16000004-HD-12100 BOTTLING ASSISTANCE-FAIZABAD 19-Aug-2016 11:00
16000005-HD-12100 BOTTLING ASSISTANCE-VARANASI 19-Aug-2016 11:30
16000006-HD-12100 BOTTLING ASSISTANCE-MIRZAPUR 19-Aug-2016 14:30
16000007-HD-12100 BOTTLING ASSISTANCE-JHANSI 19-Aug-2016 15:00
16000003-HD-11982 VVSPL Capacity Expansion Proje 19-Aug-2016 16:30
16000088-HD-10157 BLACK OIL TRANSPORTATION 22-Aug-2016 14:30
16000010-HD-12600 BOTTLING ASSISTANCE-AURANGABAD 23-Aug-2016 11:00
16000008-HD-12600 Bottling Assistance Burdwan 23-Aug-2016 14:00
16000009-HD-12600 Bottling Assistance Raninagar 23-Aug-2016 16:00
16000005-HD-12370 PACKED LPG TRANSPORTATION KOTA 24-Aug-2016 11:00
16000011-HD-12600 BOTTLING ASSISTANCE-BHAGALPUR 24-Aug-2016 11:00
16000012-HD-12600 Bottling Assistance Jorabat AS 24-Aug-2016 14:00
16000013-HD-12600 Bottling Assist. at Jharsuguda 24-Aug-2016 16:00
16000014-HD-12600 Bottling Assistance at Balasor 25-Aug-2016 11:00
16000015-HD-12600 Bottling Assistance @ Bokaro 25-Aug-2016 14:00
16000016-HD-12600 Bottling Assistance at Koraput 25-Aug-2016 16:00
16000057-HD-10157 Additional TTs @Miraj IRD 29-Aug-2016 14:30
16000279-HD-48002 Zonal Rate Contract: For carry 31-Aug-2016 13:30