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Public Tenders
Tender No Tender Title Due Date
16000030-HD-10157 Roof Hose in Crude Tank 110 01-Jun-2016 13:30
16000017-HD-10002 TAS at Loni 02-Jun-2016 15:00
16000003-HD-12370 PACKED LPG TRANSPORTATION 03-Jun-2016 11:00
16000011-HD-12001 ROADS & DRIVE WAYS @ PATNA 03-Jun-2016 15:00
16000017-HD-12001 Plant Shed Bldgs - Panagarh 06-Jun-2016 15:00
16000002-HD-10129 Intelligent Pigging for RKPL 06-Jun-2016 16:00
16000184-HD-46002 PR for SWRO O&M Contract for 2 07-Jun-2016 11:00
16000183-HD-46002 PR for ETP-IV & PTU O&M Contra 07-Jun-2016 11:00
15000227-HD-14001 CIVIL SOR FOR DELHI STATE 07-Jun-2016 15:00
15000228-HD-14001 CIVIL SOR FOR RAJASTHAN STATE 07-Jun-2016 15:00
15000229-HD-14001 CIVIL SOR FOR WEST BENGAL STAT 07-Jun-2016 15:00
15000230-HD-14001 CIVIL SOR FOR UTTAR PRADESH 07-Jun-2016 15:00
15000231-HD-14001 CIVIL SOR MUMBAI DSRO, MAHARAS 07-Jun-2016 15:00
15000232-HD-14001 CIVIL SOR NAGPUR DSRO, MAHARAS 07-Jun-2016 15:00
15000233-HD-14001 CIVIL SOR PUNE DSRO, MH & GOA 07-Jun-2016 15:00
15000234-HD-14001 CIVIL SOR CHATTISGARH STATE 07-Jun-2016 15:00
15000235-HD-14001 CIVIL SOR VISAKH DSRO, A.P. 07-Jun-2016 15:00
15000236-HD-14001 CIVIL SOR SECUNDERABAD DSR, AP 07-Jun-2016 15:00
15000237-HD-14001 CIVIL SOR VISAKH DSR,TELANGANA 07-Jun-2016 15:00
15000226-HD-14001 CIVIL SOR FOR HARYANA STATE 07-Jun-2016 15:00
15000225-HD-14001 CIVIL SOR FOR PUNJAB STATE 07-Jun-2016 15:00
15000224-HD-14001 CIVIL SOR FOR KERALA STATE 07-Jun-2016 15:00
15000223-HD-14001 CIVIL SOR FOR KARNATAKA STATE 07-Jun-2016 15:00
15000222-HD-14001 Civil SOR For Orissa State 07-Jun-2016 15:00
15000221-HD-14001 Civil SOR M.P.State 07-Jun-2016 15:00
15000220-HD-14001 CIVIL SOR FOR GUJARAT STATE 07-Jun-2016 15:00
15000215-HD-14001 TANK FABRICATION IN INDIA 07-Jun-2016 15:00
15000238-HD-14001 CIVIL SOR BIHAR STATE 07-Jun-2016 15:00
15000246-HD-14001 CIVIL SOR FOR TAMIL NADU STATE 07-Jun-2016 15:00
15000245-HD-14001 CIVIL SOR FOR NORTH-EAST STATE 07-Jun-2016 15:00
15000244-HD-14001 CIVIL SOR FOR UTTARAKHAN STATE 07-Jun-2016 15:00
15000243-HD-14001 CIVIL SOR FOR H.P. STATE 07-Jun-2016 15:00
15000242-HD-14001 CIVIL SOR FOR JAMMU 07-Jun-2016 15:00
15000241-HD-14001 CIVIL SOR FOR KASHMIR 07-Jun-2016 15:00
15000240-HD-14001 CIVIL SOR FOR LEH & KARGIL 07-Jun-2016 15:00
15000239-HD-14001 CIVIL SOR JARKHAND STATE 07-Jun-2016 15:00
15000029-HD-11001 HP Retail Prepaid Card 07-Jun-2016 16:00
16000008-HD-12350 PACKED LPG TPT CHAKAN PLANT 08-Jun-2016 11:00
16000014-HD-11770 Tanks for Biodiesel Dep&Ter TG 10-Jun-2016 15:00
16000013-HD-11770 Tanks for Biodiesel Dep&Ter AP 10-Jun-2016 15:00
16000016-HD-10002 TAS SYSTEM AT KANDLA TERMINAL 10-Jun-2016 15:00
16000005-HD-11001 FRP TANKS 10-Jun-2016 16:00
16000002-HD-11001 LED retrofitment in RVI 10-Jun-2016 16:30
16000004-HD-11001 Retrofitting of Price Change U 13-Jun-2016 16:00
16000003-HD-11001 SUPPLY OF LED FIXTURES 13-Jun-2016 17:00
15000329-HD-48009 Online SPM Analysers forStacks 15-Jun-2016 13:30
16000048-HD-10157 Canopy for ROs under NCZ 15-Jun-2016 15:00
16000054-HD-46009 BCW Integration Project LSTK 15-Jun-2016 15:00
15000020-HD-12100 Packed Transportation ex Jammu 16-Jun-2016 14:00
16000021-HD-14001 Bitumen Pcking, Hndling-MUMBAI 16-Jun-2016 15:00
16000029-HD-11770 TWD Augmentation@Gulbarga IRD 17-Jun-2016 15:00
16000030-HD-11770 ROOFING SHEET REPLACENT SCZLOC 17-Jun-2016 15:00
16000028-HD-11770 Pipes + fittings- PMHBL hookup 17-Jun-2016 15:00
16000046-HD-10157 Rate Contract for Caustic Soda 22-Jun-2016 13:30
16000036-HD-10157 NIU (73-R-02) catalyst procure 30-Jun-2016 11:00