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Public Tenders
Tender No Tender Title Due Date
2400012070-HD-09050 PACKED LPG TRANSPORTATION EX BANKA 20-May-2024 15:00
2400012047-HD-09550 ROTARY REGENERATOR PILOT PLANT WITH AMC 20-May-2024 15:00
2400011898-HD-06000 ARC FOR FORGED VALVES 20-May-2024 15:00
2400011897-HD-06000 ARC -SALT WATER SERVICE VALVES 20-May-2024 15:00
2300011487-HC-06600 DISPOSAL OF SPENT PLATINUM CATALYST 20-May-2024 15:00
2300011404-HD-09050 TAS STANDARDIZATION @MRII TML 21-May-2024 15:00
2400012169-HD-09050 CIVIL SOR JOBS AT GRO 21-May-2024 15:00
2400012078-HD-09050 CIVIL SOR HILLS DEHRADUN RETAIL RO 22-May-2024 15:00
2400012178-HD-09050 CIVIL SOR LUCKNOW RO 22-May-2024 15:00
2400012129-HD-09050 CIVIL WORKS FOR MADURAI TWG 22-May-2024 15:00
2400012008-HD-09550 HCNG DEMO UNIT FEED 23-May-2024 15:00
2400012182-HD-09050 CIVL SOR PRAYAGRAJ RRO 23-May-2024 15:00
2400012183-HD-09050 CIVIL SOR @ VARANASI RRO 23-May-2024 15:00
2400012453-HD-09050 PA SYSTEM - RAIPUR PROJECT SITE 23-May-2024 15:00
2400012226-HD-09050 CIVIL SOR-RANCHI RO 23-May-2024 15:00
2400011728-HD-06000 RTO MODEL DVLPMNT FR/FRE AT MR & CDU 2/3 AT VR 24-May-2024 14:00
2400012230-HD-09050 CIVIL SOR- RAIPUR RETAIL RO 24-May-2024 15:00
2400012203-HD-09050 SOR WORKS - NELLORE RO 24-May-2024 15:00
2400012188-HD-06000 AMC FOR ROTARY MAINTEANCE AT HPCL MR 24-May-2024 15:00
2400012147-HC-09550 EXPRESSION OF INTEREST (EOI) 24-May-2024 15:00
2400012061-HD-09050 MINI BOTTLING PLANT AT NAJIBABAD 24-May-2024 15:00
2300011540-HD-09550 SUPPLY OF TRIBO TEST RIG-FZG WITH ACCESSORIES 24-May-2024 15:00
2400012234-HD-09050 CIVIL&MECHANICAL SOR MANGALORE 24-May-2024 15:00
2400012324-HD-09050 CIVIL SOR PLAINS DEHRADUN RETAIL RO 24-May-2024 15:00
2400012068-HD-09050 MINI BOTTLING PLANT AT VADODARA 27-May-2024 15:00
2400012113-HD-09050 SS FOAM PIPELINE AT RAJAHMUNDRY 27-May-2024 15:00
2400012379-HD-09050 CIVIL SOR BHATINDA RO 24-25 29-May-2024 15:00
2400012205-HD-09050 RVI NFZ 24-25 30-May-2024 15:00
2400012283-HD-09550 FEED ACTIVITY FOR CATALYST SCALE UP (CAAS) 30-May-2024 15:00
2400012326-HD-09050 ELECTRICAL WORK CNG STATION GA 11.44 RAJASTHAN 31-May-2024 14:00
2400012346-HD-07600 DISMANTLING & RESTORATION OF PCC DRAIN ALONG NH-34 31-May-2024 15:00
2400012362-HD-09050 RVI FOR WZ 31-May-2024 15:00
2400012207-HC-09050 INVITATION OF EOI FOR CBG 03-Jun-2024 15:00
2400012344-HD-06000 ARC-SUPPLY OF PERC 03-Jun-2024 15:00
2400012585-HD-09050 CIVIL SOR - UDRRO 03-Jun-2024 15:00
2400012250-HD-09550 CIVIL/STRUCTURE WORKS FOR COEBPT 04-Jun-2024 15:00
2400012514-HD-07120 TESTING AND REPAIRING OF CNG CASCADE 05-Jun-2024 13:00
2400012587-HD-07120 MK GA OFFICE INTERIOR WORKS 05-Jun-2024 16:00
2400012269-HC-09550 EOI FOR PLASTIC PYROLYSIS OIL 06-Jun-2024 15:00
2400012515-HD-09050 TAS REVAMP JOB AT KOLKATA 06-Jun-2024 15:00
2400012547-HD-09050 HEAT TRACING JOBS AT RAIPUR 06-Jun-2024 15:00
2400011943-HD-09050 2 X 700 MT MSV AT HAZARWADI 07-Jun-2024 15:00
2400012582-HD-09050 TAS WORKS FOR MS TANK AT VNWOT 07-Jun-2024 15:00
2300010465-HD-09050 BOTTLING ASSISTANCE- TRIVANDRUM 14-Jun-2024 15:00
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