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Public Tenders
Tender No Tender Title Due Date
15000036-HD-10157 14.2 kg HTS LPG cylinder 01-Dec-2015 14:00
15000085-HD-12001 Pipeline supply for VRMP 02-Dec-2015 11:00
15000039-HD-10157 Supply of DUs to Varrious DSRO 02-Dec-2015 14:00
15000226-HD-46009 Ream Seal FP -Tk 201 G and H 03-Dec-2015 15:00
15000187-HD-11370 CIVIL SOR 03-Dec-2015 15:30
15000188-HD-11370 CIVIL SOR ASA,BSA,GSA 03-Dec-2015 15:30
15000855-HD-46002 OPERATION & MAINTENANCE OF VRC 04-Dec-2015 11:00
15000189-HD-11370 CIVIL SOR-JAIPUR RETAIL REGION 04-Dec-2015 15:30
15000190-HD-11370 CIVIL/MECH/ELEC SOR NRO/MODRN 04-Dec-2015 15:30
15000052-HD-11605 POL Transport Ex Ranchi Rd IRD 07-Dec-2015 11:30
15000017-HD-11001 SOLAR POWER PLANTS AT COCOS 07-Dec-2015 16:00
15000037-HD-10157 Proc. of Tamper Evident Seals 08-Dec-2015 14:00
15000043-HD-11120 Bulk_WO_TPTN_Baitalpur 08-Dec-2015 14:30
15000054-HD-11108 BULK WO TPTN EX HALDWANI IRD 08-Dec-2015 14:30
15000052-HD-11108 BULK POL TRANSPORTATION MATHUR 08-Dec-2015 14:30
15000050-HD-11108 POL Transportation Ex-Bihta 08-Dec-2015 14:30
15000044-HD-11120 BULK WO TPTN EX Mughalsarai 08-Dec-2015 14:30
15000036-HD-11108 BULK WHITE OIL TPTN EX-MEERUT 08-Dec-2015 14:30
15000117-HD-14001 Mfg & Supply of Grease at HPCL 08-Dec-2015 15:00
15000016-HD-11001 Supply of Flexible Piping 08-Dec-2015 16:00
15000046-HD-11750 Bulk White Oil TPT Kasargode 09-Dec-2015 11:00
15000015-HD-11001 Supply of FRP Tank 09-Dec-2015 16:00
15000016-HD-12620 Addl Truck-Pkd Tpt-Kondapally 10-Dec-2015 14:00
15000066-HD-11350 Supply-Piping & mech@Miraj IRD 11-Dec-2015 11:00
15000824-HD-48002 Manpower Services at HPCL Mumb 11-Dec-2015 13:30
15000798-HD-48002 Zonal Rate Contract 2016: For 11-Dec-2015 13:30
15000083-HD-10129 SRV - RKPL MATHURA 11-Dec-2015 16:00
15000023-HD-12750 Pvt. Bottler-Pondichery 14-Dec-2015 11:30
15000045-HD-10157 Balance TT's- Bulk TPT 14-Dec-2015 14:30
15000092-HD-12001 Construction of 3x500MT Mound 14-Dec-2015 15:00
15000093-HD-12001 MS Water Tanks at Panagarh 15-Dec-2015 14:00
15000051-HD-11108 BULK WO TPTN EX KANPUR 15-Dec-2015 14:30
15000045-HD-11120 Railway Siding -Civil Works 15-Dec-2015 14:30
15000015-HD-12100 Bottling Assistance - Agra 15-Dec-2015 15:00
15000018-HD-12100 BOTTLING ASSISTANCE - LUDHIANA 15-Dec-2015 15:30
15000038-HD-10157 ADD.LPG BULK TT FOR EZ. 15-Dec-2015 16:30
15000046-HD-10157 AT RIL BAKANIA, BHOPAL 16-Dec-2015 14:30
15000017-HD-12620 Pkd Tpt-LPG Cyls-Cherlapally 17-Dec-2015 14:00
15000025-HD-12750 PACKED TRANSPORTATION MANGALOR 18-Dec-2015 11:30
15000823-HD-48002 OFCCU TA 2016: MAIN CONTRACT F 18-Dec-2015 13:30
15000102-HD-11770 Add metering at SCZ 18-Dec-2015 15:00
15000146-HD-10002 Supply of 3% AFFF at Locations 18-Dec-2015 15:00
15000004-HD-12370 BOTTLING ASSISTANCE Ex AMRELI 21-Dec-2015 15:00
15000024-HD-12750 PKD TRANSPORTATION Ex MDU PLAN 22-Dec-2015 11:30
15000048-HD-10157 Design, Supply, installation a 06-Jan-2016 13:30
15000003-HD-10156 EPC for WPF Plant 07-Jan-2016 15:00
15000190-HD-48009 CEMS for CPP and LR 08-Jan-2016 13:30
15000219-HD-48009 PMC/EPCM Services for MREP 19-Jan-2016 13:30