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The E-procurement portal is updated effective 1st July 2017 to enable vendors to quote GST taxes while submitting bids besides entering GST No of factory/location for supply or services. Please read the GST Bulletin in User Agreement/Home page for detail information

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Public Tenders
Tender No Tender Title Due Date
17000011-HD-14001 TATANAGAR LUBE DEPOT OPERATOR 27-Jul-2017 15:00
17000058-HD-48009 Supply of Foam Tenders-2 Nos 28-Jul-2017 13:30
17000138-HD-10157 Rate Contract for MDEA to HPCL 28-Jul-2017 13:30
17000196-HD-10157 STEEL PLATES NZ 28-Jul-2017 15:00
17000139-HD-10157 Corrosion Treatment Program 31-Jul-2017 13:30
17000097-HD-10002 PIPELINE JOBS-VNBOT 31-Jul-2017 15:00
17000198-HD-10157 TPT FO/LDO MAHUL/SEW TO VASHI 01-Aug-2017 12:00
17000041-HD-11986 AC Interference Survey-VVSPL 01-Aug-2017 15:30
17000157-HD-10157 BULK MS HSD TPTN NAJIBABAD 03-Aug-2017 12:00
17000158-HD-10157 BULK MS HSD ROAD TPTN WADALA 03-Aug-2017 12:00
17000159-HD-10157 TPTN WOT TNDR 2018-22-BATHINDA 03-Aug-2017 14:00
17000160-HD-10157 BULK MS HSD ROAD TPTN AJMER 03-Aug-2017 14:00
17000010-HD-14001 MFG of Crushwell and Hytak Grd 03-Aug-2017 15:00
17000200-HD-10157 Canopy for ROs under NCZ 03-Aug-2017 15:00
17000170-HD-10157 BULK MS HSD ROAD TPTN LUCKNOW 03-Aug-2017 16:00
17000173-HD-10157 BULK MS HSD ROAD TPTN NAGPUR 03-Aug-2017 16:00
17000161-HD-10157 BULK MS HSD RD TPTN BAITALPUR 04-Aug-2017 12:00
17000162-HD-10157 BULK MS HSD ROAD TPTN BANGROD 04-Aug-2017 12:00
17000163-HD-10157 BULK MS HSD ROAD TPTN JAIPUR 04-Aug-2017 14:00
17000193-HD-10157 BULK MS HSD ROAD TPTN BORKHEDI 04-Aug-2017 14:00
17000010-HD-12090 Corrosion Inhibitor-LPG Produc 04-Aug-2017 15:00
17000164-HD-10157 BULK MS HSD ROAD TPTN AKOLA 04-Aug-2017 16:00
17000172-HD-10157 BULK MS HSD RD TPTN MUGALSARAI 04-Aug-2017 16:00
17000175-HD-10157 BULK MS HSD ROAD TPTN HAZIRA 07-Aug-2017 12:00
17000192-HD-10157 BULK MS HSD ROAD TPTN MEERUT 07-Aug-2017 12:00
17000165-HD-10157 BULK MS HSD ROAD TPTN INDORE 07-Aug-2017 14:00
17000176-HD-10157 BULK MS HSD ROAD TPTN BAREILLY 07-Aug-2017 14:00
17000166-HD-10157 BULK MS HSD ROAD TPTN VADINAR 07-Aug-2017 16:00
17000177-HD-10157 BULK MS HSD ROAD TPTN REWARI 07-Aug-2017 16:00
17000167-HD-10157 BULK MS HSD ROAD TPTN BAKANIA 08-Aug-2017 12:00
17000178-HD-10157 BULK MS HSD ROAD TPTN HALDWANI 08-Aug-2017 12:00
17000168-HD-10157 BULK MS HSD ROAD TPTN ROORKEE 08-Aug-2017 14:00
17000179-HD-10157 BULK MS HSD ROAD TPTN PALANPUR 08-Aug-2017 14:00
17000180-HD-10157 BULK MS HSD ROAD TPTN MATHURA 08-Aug-2017 16:00
17000181-HD-10157 BULK MS HSD ROAD TPTN SANGRUR 08-Aug-2017 16:00
17000169-HD-10157 BULK MS HSD ROAD TPTN PATNA 09-Aug-2017 12:00
17000171-HD-10157 BULK MS HSD ROAD TPTN SAGAR 09-Aug-2017 12:00
17000182-HD-10157 BULK MS HSD ROAD TPTN VASHI 09-Aug-2017 14:00
17000191-HD-10157 BULK MS HSD ROAD TPTN BOKARO 09-Aug-2017 14:00
17000183-HD-10157 TPTN WOT TENDR 2018-22-JODHPUR 09-Aug-2017 16:00
17000184-HD-10157 BULK MS HSD ROAD TPTN JABALPUR 09-Aug-2017 16:00
17000185-HD-10157 BULK MS HSD ROAD TPTN KANDLA 10-Aug-2017 12:00
17000186-HD-10157 BULK MS HSD ROAD TPTN BARAUNI 10-Aug-2017 12:00
17000187-HD-10157 BULK MS HSD ROAD TPTN JALANDAR 10-Aug-2017 14:00
17000188-HD-10157 BULK MS HSD RD TPTN BHARATPUR 10-Aug-2017 14:00
17000048-HD-10129 Telecom system @ RBPLCEP 10-Aug-2017 16:00
17000189-HD-10157 BULK MS HSD ROAD TPTN VADODARA 10-Aug-2017 16:00
17000190-HD-10157 BULK MS HSD ROAD TPTN KANPUR 10-Aug-2017 16:00
17000204-HD-10157 ATF to BBY&Patna ASF exHaldia 11-Aug-2017 12:00
17000051-HD-10155 VLE system 16-Aug-2017 15:00
17000001-HD-10161 Survey Tender-HCLPL 17-Aug-2017 15:00
17000043-HD-10129 MAINLINE PUMP-MUNDRA&SANTALPUR 17-Aug-2017 16:00
17000016-HD-12100 pkd LPG trpt ex bahedi pvt BP 18-Aug-2017 15:00
17000019-HD-11994 Subsea pipeline laying 18-Aug-2017 15:00
17000041-HD-10129 CIVIL WORKS PVPL STATIONS 18-Aug-2017 16:00
17000018-HD-11994 SuppluOfMOV's For VVSPLCapAugm 28-Aug-2017 15:00
17000084-HD-48009 Supply of Pipes -Piggable line 30-Aug-2017 13:30
THE HELPDESK LINES ARE DOWN. PLEASE CALL ON 022-61548585 OR ALTERNATELY MAIL US ON HELPDESK EMAIL ID FOR CALL BACK AND ASSISTANCE. Vendors having 8 digit code are requested to kindly submit PAN Card copy to Vendor Management Officers(for updating our records), in case same is not yet submitted . Please Login for more details.