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Public Tenders
Tender No Tender Title Due Date
15000013-HD-12600 Supply&instln electronic scale 03-Sep-2015 15:00
15000083-HD-10002 DFR FOR LUBE PLANT AT VASHI 04-Sep-2015 15:00
15000054-HD-11770 Aluminium Domes at Mangalore 04-Sep-2015 15:00
15000127-HD-48009 Tail Gas Blower for TGTU 07-Sep-2015 13:30
15000060-HD-10003 Online Booking of Air Tickets 07-Sep-2015 15:00
15000048-HD-11600 CONSTRUCTION OF BOUNDARY WALL. 08-Sep-2015 15:00
15000035-HD-11750 Bulk White Oil TPT Ex Kozhikod 09-Sep-2015 11:00
15000063-HD-11100 CONSULTANCY SERVICES 09-Sep-2015 15:00
15000053-HD-11770 Suppl. Tender - Transportation 09-Sep-2015 15:00
15000092-HD-10002 TANK FABRICATION @ MANMAD IRD 10-Sep-2015 15:00
15000090-HD-10002 Safety Harness System 10-Sep-2015 15:00
15000054-HD-10129 DFR & EPMC for PVPL Project 10-Sep-2015 16:00
15000013-HD-10157 SUPPLY OF DUs AT VARRIOUS LOC 11-Sep-2015 14:00
15000093-HD-10002 TWD Pipeline Jobs at Ennore 11-Sep-2015 15:00
15000061-HD-11770 PIPELINE & TANK CONV WORKS-VJT 18-Sep-2015 15:00
15000063-HD-10129 DFR,PMC& Apprvl fr RLW Sdg Vad 18-Sep-2015 16:00
15000066-HD-11770 BulkTransportation Ex-Suryapet 21-Sep-2015 15:00
15000064-HD-12001 TECHNICAL MANPOWER SERVICES 21-Sep-2015 15:00
15000065-HD-12001 Hiring Vehicle Panvel&Uran-UCP 21-Sep-2015 15:00
15000056-HD-12001 CIVIL JOB for Patna LPG Plant 21-Sep-2015 15:00
15000129-HD-48009 H2 & H2S Combined Analyser 23-Sep-2015 13:30
15000091-HD-10002 CI Procurement for P/L 25-Sep-2015 15:00
15000039-HD-14001 SUPPLY OF CARTONS 30-Sep-2015 11:30
15000138-HD-48009 EPCM Services-MRII Project 30-Sep-2015 13:30