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Public Tenders
Tender No Tender Title Due Date
22000340-HD-10120 BSPL: TKI WORKS 06-Feb-2023 15:00
22000698-HD-10157 DU & MPDs,CAMC@Pan India ROs 06-Feb-2023 15:00
22000741-HD-10157 Pkd Tpt Ex-Sitarganj LPG Plant 06-Feb-2023 15:00
22000743-HD-10157 SUPPLY STAND UP POUCH 500ML&1L 06-Feb-2023 15:00
22000749-HD-10157 RE-REFINED OILFOR ENKLO68 GREE 06-Feb-2023 15:00
22000172-HD-10120 Piping Works @ Vashi Terminal 07-Feb-2023 15:00
22000665-HD-10157 NG SIEM Solution for DC & DR 07-Feb-2023 15:00
22000891-HD-48002 RC - Supply of HSDLA 08-Feb-2023 14:00
22000376-HD-10155 Toll manufacturing of HP-NHT 09-Feb-2023 15:00
22000755-HD-10157 PACKED LPG TPT PAHARPUR PLANT 09-Feb-2023 15:00
22000406-HD-46009 Catalyst addition system-FCCU1 09-Feb-2023 15:00
22000377-HD-10155 Perfluoro compounds 09-Feb-2023 15:00
22000691-HD-10157 CAMC OF AUTOMATED RO's 10-Feb-2023 15:00
22000138-HD-11750 S&T&L,LDG&UNLDG OF PAVER_SZ 13-Feb-2023 15:00
22000750-HD-10157 PK LPG TRANSPORTATION MIRZAPUR 14-Feb-2023 15:00
22000377-HD-10120 FIRE WATER PIPING @RAIPUR 14-Feb-2023 15:00
22000375-HD-10120 PRODUCT PIPING & ALLIED JOBS 14-Feb-2023 15:00
22000802-HD-48002 Rate Contract - Supply of ECAT 15-Feb-2023 14:00
22000044-HD-09373 Construc of Hospital Building 15-Feb-2023 15:00
22000179-HD-11770 WSAI COMCO KOGNOLI DEVELOPMENT 15-Feb-2023 15:00
22000770-HD-10157 PKD LPG TRANSPORTATION HALDIA 15-Feb-2023 15:00
22000643-HD-10157 Uniforms for FSMs 15-Feb-2023 15:00
22000738-HD-10157 INSTRUMENTATION WORKS VARANASI 17-Feb-2023 15:00
22000768-HD-10157 2x350 MT MSV works Rajamundry 17-Feb-2023 15:00
22000390-HD-10155 PSU Low Side Elect. Works 17-Feb-2023 15:05
22000772-HD-10157 TPT CONTRACT SPL PRODUCT 20-Feb-2023 15:00
22000205-HD-46009 CLO filtration package FCCU-2 21-Feb-2023 15:00
22000759-HD-10157 210LRefb Drum Outright Supply 21-Feb-2023 15:00
22000789-HD-10157 PKD LPG TPT EX SULTANPUR PVT 22-Feb-2023 15:00
22000790-HD-10157 PKD TRANSPORTATION EX CHAKAN 22-Feb-2023 15:00
22001021-HD-48002 Manpower Services at HPCL, MR 23-Feb-2023 14:00
22000775-HD-10157 Prefab Tanks NCZ 23-Feb-2023 15:00
22000798-HD-10157 HOT REPAIR OF 14.2 &19 KG-SCLZ 23-Feb-2023 15:00
22000800-HD-10157 CIVL SOR KANPUR RRO 23-Feb-2023 15:00
22000803-HD-10157 PROCUREMENT OF 19 KG. CYLINDER 23-Feb-2023 15:00
22000804-HD-10157 PROCUREMENT OF SC VALVES 23-Feb-2023 15:00
22000082-HD-12350 MANDATORY TESTIG & PAINTNG CYL 24-Feb-2023 15:00
22000394-HD-10120 Roads & Drains @ Vashi Tml 24-Feb-2023 15:00
22000011-HC-16002 Invitation of EOI for CBG 01-Mar-2023 15:00
22000676-HD-10157 PRIVATE BOTTLING ASSIT.MORENA 02-Mar-2023 15:00
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