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Public Tenders
Tender No Tender Title Due Date
15000047-HD-11120 1200 LPM Proj Mughalsarai 08-Feb-2016 14:30
15000068-HD-10157 Rplcmnt of strppr packing FCC1 09-Feb-2016 13:30
15000048-HD-11120 1200 LPM Project Mathura 09-Feb-2016 14:30
15000085-HD-11600 PROJECT UTKRISHT@ DURGAPUR 09-Feb-2016 15:00
15000971-HD-48002 GFEC & LR Cooling Towers disma 10-Feb-2016 13:30
15000081-HD-10157 PROCUREMENT OF 5 KG CYLINDERS 10-Feb-2016 14:00
15000049-HD-11120 1200 LPM Project Barrauni 10-Feb-2016 14:30
15000178-HD-10002 DRA supply at MPSPL 10-Feb-2016 15:00
15000226-HD-46009 Ream Seal FP -Tk 201 G and H 10-Feb-2016 15:00
15000050-HD-11120 1200 LPM Projec Baitalpur Loc 11-Feb-2016 14:30
15000048-HD-10157 Design, Supply, installation a 12-Feb-2016 13:30
15000095-HD-10157 RVI WITH AMC 12-Feb-2016 15:00
15000089-HD-10157 ADDL TT FOR SCLZ FOR BULK TPT 15-Feb-2016 15:00
15000142-HD-14001 PIB-10 15-Feb-2016 15:00
15000037-HD-12350 PKD TRNPRTN ex- GOA LPGPLANT 16-Feb-2016 11:00
15000233-HD-48009 EPCM Services-CPP REVAMP 16-Feb-2016 13:30
15000062-HD-10157 FLP Elevator for FCCU-II 17-Feb-2016 13:30
15000114-HD-12001 CONSTN OF MSVs @ MYSORE LPG 17-Feb-2016 14:00
15000123-HD-12001 CCTV SYSTEM FOR SZ LOCATIONS 17-Feb-2016 14:00
15000276-HD-48009 Composite Works TGTU - Part2 19-Feb-2016 13:30
15000275-HD-48009 Composite Works TGTU - Part1 19-Feb-2016 13:30
15000093-HD-10157 Proc.of STP_0.75&1HP capacity 19-Feb-2016 14:00
15000177-HD-10002 TAS Revamping at 5 Locations 19-Feb-2016 15:00
15000180-HD-10002 Supply of SRVs-Rewari & Jaipur 19-Feb-2016 15:00
15000219-HD-48009 PMC/EPCM Services for MREP 23-Feb-2016 13:30
15001180-HD-46002 Custom Clearance at Chennai 24-Feb-2016 11:00
15001239-HD-46002 Supply of Skilled Manpower 24-Feb-2016 11:00
15000153-HD-11100 CIVIL SOR WORKS AT PRO 24-Feb-2016 15:00
15000090-HD-11600 POL TRPT _ SLG _ MALDA 25-Feb-2016 11:30
15000157-HD-11100 1200 LPM Upgradation_Rewari 25-Feb-2016 15:00
15000179-HD-10002 IP Survey--MDPL (MDPS-AIPS) 26-Feb-2016 15:00
15000158-HD-11100 Tpt of ATF 29-Feb-2016 15:00
15000159-HD-11100 BULK WO TPTN EX-BATHINDA IRD 29-Feb-2016 15:00
15000281-HD-48009 OTS for LOBS and DIU unit 02-Mar-2016 13:30